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Sponsors & Supporters

Let's support those who support us!


ASB Bank

ASB supports Hampton Hill School – it provides our main school banking service along with a designated Customer Support person who regularly communicates with us.


Do Some Good

Hampton Hill Village: Working together to ensure every child in our school community has equal opportunity to thrive.


In February 2020 the Hampton Hill Village partnered with The Vulnerable Support Charitable Trust; through the Do Some Good initiative. This enabled us to launch our Breakfast Club and continue to provide healthy lunches for our tamariki to ensure every child in our school community has an equal opportunity to grow and thrive.


Qizzle Stationery

Qizzle generously donates free gifts to our school.  We earn rewards points for all our stationery, art and office purchases which we use to buy equipment for our school.  We encourage our families to shop online for their children’s stationery at Qizzle.


The Yummy Fruit Company

The Yummy Fruit Company generously donates lots of sports gear to our school each year. Collect the Yummy cut-out labels from bags (each cut-out label is worth 10 stickers) and individual Yummy fruit stickers for our school’s share of the $200,000 free DG Sport sports gear prize pool. Yummy apples are available from New World, PAK’nSAVE and participating Four Square stores.

Ask your child’s teacher to send a sticker collection sheet home with your child or print one off for yourself from here. There is also a NEW VARIETY STICKER COLLECTION SHEET found here!

Competition goes until Term 3 . The more you collect, the more sports gear you get so get going and start collecting your Yummy cut-out labels and stickers now!


Tawa Books & Post

We encourage our families to support our local stationery shop Tawa Books & Post when purchasing their student stationery supplies.


Our school is fortunate to recive a small commission on any purchases made which we put towards our fundraising total.  Thanks Tawa Books & Post!


MaCarthy Trust

Thanks to Thomas George MaCarthy Trust for providing the school with a bi-annual donation to use in our school library for books or computer equipment/software.


Wellington City Council

Wellington City Council provided us with a community venue assistance grant of $8,000 used for lighting and to improve access to the school hall.


Mana Community Grants Foundation

Over the years Mana Community Grants Foundation have given us numerous grants to purchase equipment for the school.  Very many thanks to them.

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